Visits in Burgundy

what to do in Beaune - guest house la Loubertine


In Beaune, you can visit the Hospices of Beaune or Hôtel Dieu, which are former hospitals of the 15th century, now a museum.Their foundation dates from 1443 by Nicolas Rolin, Chancellor of Philippe le Bon.This medieval hospital contains many other treasures:
❊ The Great Hall of the Poor❊ The Gothic chapel❊ Kitchen with a spit driven by an automat❊ The Apothecary with its collections of faience and tins
visit Chalon-sur-Saône - weekend in Burgundy


Through Saône et Loire you can visit no less than 250 Romanesque churches and chapels, where you can admire the remarkable buildings, sculpted capitals, stained glass windows.In Chalon-sur-Saône, you can visit the Geo-Botanical Garden, composed of 8 environments: the Bressan marsh, the Chalonnaise limestone coast, the granite Morvan, the pine forest, the aromatic plants (68 families) etc.More information here
Nuits-Saint-Georges - Loubertine cottage


The imaginarium proposes you to discover the universe of wines through a interactive site.More information here
Notre Dame de Cîteaux Abbey - family stay in Burgundy


At 35 min from us, you can discover the Abbey Notre Dame de Cîteaux. Visiting the historic buildings of the ancient Cîteaux makes you discover the monastic life and the Cistercian tradition. This spiritual and cultural journey, exceptionally within the monastic fence, takes you through 900 years of history to the living community of today. On site, you will find the monastery's products: cheeses from Cîteaux whose reputation is no longer to be made, sweets with honey as well as many monastic items: marmalades, food supplements, herbal teas, works of art, cards, etc.More information here
visit Verdun-sur-le-Doubs - rental of guest rooms


In Verdun sur le Doubs, located in the historic Verdun and in a beautiful 18th century house, you can visit the house of wheat and bread which presents the fabulous history of 70 centuries of harvest and 40 centuries of bread making.More information here
beast market in Beaune

Louhans Cattle Market

This market in Plaine de Bresse is unique in France! Discover the cattle market and walk through the narrow streets of the local market. Finish by letting you tempt with a chicken of Bresse at the market of the poultry.More information here


La Grande Saline - visit Burgundy

The Great Saline

Salt Museum at Salins les Bains: The history of salt and saline explained by a talented guide who knows how to address everyone. More information here
The Hérisson waterfalls - stay in a cottage

The Hérisson waterfalls

A truly perfect place, natural and wild, the colors are beautiful, the waterfalls and the walk in the forest are invigorating. More information here
Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame de Dole - holidays in Burgundy

Collegiate Church of Notre Dame de Dole

Beautiful construction of religious art in the heart of the old town, and a visit inside is necessary. More information here


What to do in Dijon - stay in a gite La Loubertine

The city

Not to be missed, the course of the Owl in old Dijon: here!Place de la Libération, a magnificent place that reminds one of Paris in a calm and relaxing atmosphere
Dijon gingerbread specialty - Loubertine holidays

Mulot and Petitjean

the essential specialty of gingerbread in Dijon, to discover in one of their superb boutiques: list here
Gaudry farm - local products in Burgundy

Fromagerie Gaugry

in Gevrey-Chambertin, where you can taste all kinds of cheeses with a glass of wine and very interesting explanations on cheese making. More information here

Our list of local markets

❊ Every Saturday morning, you have the opportunity to discover in front of the market halls of Beaune local producers who propose you fresh seasonal products.❊ On Friday morning, you can go to the market of Meursault located at 8 kms of Beaune.❊ Two days of market for Chagny which is located 15 kms from Beaune, Thursday and Sunday morning.❊ On Friday morning, Nuits Saint Georges also offers a market, located 16 kms from Beaune.❊ Finally, on Wednesday morning, you can go to the market of Bligny-sur-Ouche which is 16 kms from Beaune.